Use of Fairmat by Universities (Spring 2012)

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After some preliminary experiments conducted with the university of Verona, in the last semester we have been contacted by several professors who showed their interest in using Fairmat for teaching.  We participated on three occasions using Fairmat  for two different topics.

In February we co-organized a session on Real Options and Innovation for the Full-Time MBA program of TiasNimbas Business School.  Fairmat was revealed a to be a tool which could be used to understand and solve exercises and business cases like the ones offered by Harvard Business Publishing.  "As a didactic tool, Fairmat helps students to understand the effects of strategies and contingent decisions in capital budgeting business cases without having to deal with the implementation of complex models.” A. Sabidussi, Associate Professor, TiasNimbas Business School said.

In March we organized a two day seminar on Fairmat Academic in Naples for the students of Parthenope University in collaboration with their professor. Topics spanned from pricing equity and interest rates derivatives using Monte Carlo simulation to contracts price unbundling and Quanto adjustment.  The two day seminar was also very useful to us because we observed how the students approached the software. The feedback we received helped us to improve some issues related to usability and lead us to implement the Cox Ingersoll Rubinstein (CIR) model plug-in which resulted in improved usage  by beginners.

We are very happy to know that after the session prof. F. Busato assigned his students homework and sa mall thesis to be done using Fairmat. They sent us the picture below of prof F. Busato and some of the students wearing Fairmat T-shirts!

Students of the Parthenope University partecipating to the Fairmat seminar

Students of the Parthenope University partecipating to the Fairmat seminar

Finally, in May, a Fairmat Academic seminar took place at the University of Siena for the students attending the financial engineering e and financial modeling lectures held by prof. G. Gabbi. The agenda included Cross currency swaps and inflation-linked products modeling and risk analysis with Fairmat.

The academic effort was integrated by a series of video tutorials and case studies which are available on the links below:

The student’s feedback  was great and from that we hope to repeat the experience next semester. If you want to use Fairmat Academic in your teaching, or want more information on what are the possibilities offered by the platform, please contact us.


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