Fairmat for Documents

Automate the digitalization and the monitoring processes for regulatory and institutional documents.

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Creation and management of regulatory documents

Market: Banks, Insurance companies, Asset Manager, Corporates

Regulations: UCITs, IVASS Regulation #41

Fairmat for Documents is a collaborative platform for institutional and regulatory documents management.

Texts sharing between several documents, hierarchical texts organization, parametric narratives and layout and content decoupling are some of the features that make it the ideal tool for bringing document management back to content creators.

Key features

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    Accessible from any web browser and available as a software as service (SaaS) or on-premise. In addition, It can be interfaced with authentication systems and single sign-on services.
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    Collaborative document editing, availability to share text sections among multiple documents, parametric texts.
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    Authorization and validation workflows, roles and permissions management at the level of document single section.
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    Possibility to generate PDF/DocX/Html output
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    Multiple language document generation support
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    Text quality and texts complexity indicators
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    Automation of official documents distribution process
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    REST API allows to generate on-demand parametric documents

Use cases

In 2019 IVASS has defined a standard pre-contractual information for life and non-life classes based on standard pre-contractual documents drafting:

  • IPID: (Insurance Product Information Document) for non-life products, required by EU legislation
  • KIDs (Key information documents): see also Fairmat for KIDs
  • DIP: (Pre-contractual Information Document) Life for pure risk life products
  • Additional DIP, for Life products, IBIPs, Damage and Multi-risk.
  • Insurance Terms & Conditions with Glossary management, indices management and support for reference among articles.

Fairmat for Documents can design and create any kind of data driven document.

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