Fairmat for KIDs

Platform for generating, monitoring and updating of KIDs for PRIIPs on every asset class and any EU official language.

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KIDs for PRIIPs process automation

Market: Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers

Reference regulation: PRIIPs, UCITs

Fairmat for KIDs simplifies KIDs for PRIIPs management by elaborating and monitoring quantitative indicators (SRI, performance scenarios and costs) and creating and updating the official pdf documents by managing the creation and maintenance of descriptive sections (narratives).

More than 50 issuers are now using Fairmat for KIDs (among Banks, Insurance companies and Funds) thanks to its flexibility for what concerns configuration and customization, ease of use and completeness.

Key features

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    Web-based interface: front-end suitable for any web browser allowing simultaneous access to multiple users. FFK can be also integrated to the single sign-on systems.
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    SaaS: Fairmat for KIDs is provided as a software as a service SaaS (Fairmat manages hosting and application management) but it can also be provided as an on-premise suite.
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    KIDs indicators calculation: FFK contains a language for describing payoffs and a simulator which allows to calculate and test KID indicators on the PRIIPs represented in the platform.
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    Visual narrative editor: narrative sections can be edited in place starting form a preview of the document. Parametric texts and hierarchical texts substitutions minimize documents’ management effort.
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    Publication and monitoring workflow: as per regulation, the platform manages the monitoring of documents and also notifies users by email alerts. It also supports integration of approval workflows for of official documents generation.
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    Related outputs: related output files such as EPT (European PRIIPs Template), EMT (European MiFID Template) or specific (e.g. notifications to supervision authorities), are supported and can be included into the KIDs publication workflows.
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    Multi-language support: KIDs generation in multiple languages. Regulatory texts are available in any EU official language.
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    KID Repository & Changes Tracking: FFK stores official documents by keeping track of changes (who, what, when and if necessary, the motivation for each change).
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    Integrated filing of KIDs and their structured data to Italian regulator CONSOB (in XML and XLSX for MOP PRIIPs). The activity is compulsory from March 1st, 2022, for every PRIIP offered in Italy.


Fairmat for KIDs allows to manage separate environments and different publication profiles in the same platform instance making our solution suitable for large issuers.

Fairmat for KIDs supports the archiving (as regulation requires documents to be available for 10 years) for all the KIDs that have been generated by the platform along with motivations and triggers events.

Along with the calculation of KID indicators, Fairmat for KIDs supports the importing of externally calculated KID quantitative information (MRM, CRM, SRI, performance scenarios and costs). In this case, the platform can be used for the other needed tasks (documents management, validation and monitoring workflows, document archiving).

Data needed for calculating MRM, CRM, SRI, performance scenarios and costs can be uploaded from the client’s repository or provided by Fairmat as an additional service.

The needed PRIIPs information for KID generation, as deal data, cash flows structure, and similar can be manually integrated by using the user interface, by bulk operations or by REST API which allows to execute operations on KIDs (e.g. on demand document generation) programmatically.

KID documents must be provided to distributors. Our platform can simplify and automate the KIDs distribution process and the third-party KID retrieval (see openkid.eu service).

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