KID distribution HUB and generation service (and periodically monitoring) of performance scenarios and non-PRIIPs products (as requested by the Article 48 of MiFID II)

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Market: Banking, PRIIPs distribution

Regulatory reference: MIFID

OpenKID allows PRIIPs distributors to obtain KIDs and related metadata (EMT, EPT) for third party PRIIPs and performance scenarios for non-PRIIPs products with a rest API.

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Key features

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    Documentation HUB: OpenKID is a database containing the KID documents issued by more than 50 issuers operating in Italy.
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    The information can be retrieved interactively from a web interface, or with a series of API which provides access to documents and metadata from third party solutions.
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    Access to a database of performance scenarios (calculated by Fairmat) for non PRIIPs products.
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