OpenKID Vita

Analysis and Benchmarking on the Italian insurance market

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The Life cycle of Life products

Market: Life Insurance, IBIP

Regulatory reference: IDD

OpenKIDVita is a database containing numerical and categorical information on the whole IBIPs products market present in Italy: a simple web interface that offers different features to check and compare Issuers products.

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Key features

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    Homogeneous information access with standardized product sheets and full-text search over all the text extracted from the pre-contractual documentation.
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    Access/search/filter the current version (or history) of all the KIDs published by the Issuers operating in Italy.
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    Access/search/filter to numerical (i.e. performance scenarios and costs) and categorical information (i.e. target market fields classification) for any IBIPs.
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    Possibility of products comparisons (existing or designed) with those of the competitors
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    Possibility of extracting information as PDF documents or data in spreadsheets.
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    Use of numerical information reported in KIDs to calculate risk/return indicators as (Higher/Lower Partial Moments, Treynor/Sharpe/Information/Modigliani Ratio). These indicators combined with Risk in Yield (RIY) indicators and recovery times (for example costs break-even, can be derived on all third party products using the available performance scenarios) allows user to define product scoring models to determine the value for money of all the products present on the market.
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    Possibility to receive email notifications for new or updated IBIPs.
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