Solutions setup, payoff mapping, consulting and training services

Fairmat Srl provides consulting services which allows you to drammatically reduce the time to map with Fairmat your portfolios of contracts.

Modeling case studies

  • Price verification: You need to verify the price of your counterparty: Fairmat Professional + Bloomberg Professional is the right instrument to do that.  We can help you building a Fairmat model mapping into Fairmat the contract structure and assessing the quality of the pricing for you. After that you can, any time, price, run sensitivities of solve for given model paramerers. If then recurrently need to price similar structures you will be autonomus in modifying payoffs and doing that.  Require a quote.
  • Structured products portfolio monitoring: a portfolio of structured products (credit notes etc) with Fairmat Server. We can analyse your porfolio, model a and test a series of custom templates representing your portfolio of structured products. For more information require a quote.


We also provide training session which can be targeted to your level and goals. For more information contact us.