FAIRMAT Professional 1.4.0 - November 19, 2012

Fairmat Professional 1.4.0 is the new major release for our Desktop suite, offering many new features and improvements. Fairmat Professional has all the features contained in the Academic 1.4.0 plus a series of productivity tools as a Goal Seeker functionality, the ability of storing local market data and calibrations, a series of templates and a new way of working with Fairmat projects called Analysis mode.

Fairmat Professional includes  subscription to the Data-Link service and the capability of accessing other market data providers such as Bloomberg Professional.

Whats new?

-Analysis Mode:  Analysis mode is a new way to use Fairmat projects and is designed to enhance productivity. Different from the Design mode, the Analysis mode offers a compact and simplified view of a financial product in which only the relevant contractual parameters are shown.

-Contract Templates: Fairmat 1.4.0 offers a new set of templates which have been redesigned from scratch in order to increase flexibility and usability allowing editing and pricing of standard structures within minutes:

Bonds or Swap legs: Bond/Swap leg floating , Bond/Swap leg fixed,

Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) : Fixed vs Float, Float vs Float, Fixed vs Float plus Collar

Interest Rate Options (IRO) : Cap, Floor, Digital (Binary), Float plus Collar, Swaption

Barrier Options: Cap/Floor Knock In (Up and Down In), Cap/Floor Knock Out (Up and Down Out), CMS Spread Cap/Floor.

-Goal seeker: With Fairmat Professional it is now possible to define objectives based on contract metrics and Fairmat will find  the optimal contractual parameters.

New commercial plug-in

With Fairmat Professional is now available the new Jarrow-Yildirim plug-in which can be used to model jointly inflation and interest rates dynamics and then to price inflation indexed options. The model is formed by three components representing nominal rate, real rate and consumer price index.

Fairmat Professional and the Jarrow-Yildirim plug-in can now be bought through our on-line payment gateway using either credit cards or wired transfer.