Fairmat Server is designed to handle scheduled and automatic monitoring and valuation of portfolios of contracts designed with Fairmat Professional. It enables contract abstraction and replication, and allows concurrent and hierarchical access on the information stored on the system. It is the solution for the enterprise that needs to handle a allarge number of contracts in a systematic way.

Fairmat Server is the infrastructure of several fairmat products:

  • The Fairmat for KIDs (FFK) solution: the KIDs for PRIIPs generation and maintenance and dissemination solution for any asset class. 
  • The Informative CONSOB (Italian Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation , described in Quaderni di Finanza N.63 "A quantitative risk-based approach to the transparency on non-equity investment products" and the Comunicazione n. DIN/DSE/9025454 of 03/24/2009) for the transparence of investments
  • Fairmat Solvency: the Solvency Capital Requirements monitoring and optimization suite.

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